Engineering R&D Dr.-Ing. Alexander Gerhard Crash markers: DOT + MXT + QUAD + MXT + DOT

In cooperation with FalCon GmbH we develop
the program system FalCon etra.

The software package FalCon etra offers the following functions especially adapted to the requirements of the crash and safety divisions in automotive industry:
Bild-Download Set up and control high-speed cameras and download images
Bildaufbereitung Postprocess images adaptively and create AVI sequences
Visualisierung View AVIs and measurement graphs synchronously with respect to time
Markenverfolgung Track markers in sequences applying precise automatic measuring methods
Geometrische Vermessung Measure geometric features with graphical tools
Automatische Vermessung Measure automatically airbag outlines
Kalibrierung Calibrate image measurement data (2D and 3D)
Qualitätssicherung Apply quality assurance by camera calibration
Analysis Program Modules
FalCon etra covers the full chain of analyzing
impact tests and supports all established standards
MovXact Analysis: Head Stencil with Reference Markers
Analysis System for Image Sequences:
The FalCon MovXact module allows you to precisely analyze image sequences using the methods of 2D image measurement technology. In addition to robust and automatic marker tracking task-specific calibration and processing of measurement results are supported. Measurement graphs and individual measurement values are displayed to fit the image data precisely, are shown numerically, and are written to standardized file formats.The program interface combines typical work steps in clearly designed dialogs enabling the user can evaluate both series tests and special tests quickly, reproducibly and accurately.
Mov3D · Mov6D
Extensions for 3D and 6D Analysis:
Mov3D offers you the possibility to analyze 3D motion of dynamic recordings.
Motion Analysis of Sled Impact Test  
By using the 2D module MovXact you track objects in several stereoscopic views of the same scene. Photogrammetric methods ("triangulation") allow calculation of 3D curves.

Mov6D measures the 6D motion of "rigid" objects by the means of one camera. The 6D parameters contain position and orientation in space. Both modules include the calibration of cameras with powerful tools for distortion correction.
Analysis of Airbag Sequences:
MovBag extracts outlines from airbag test scenes as contour graphs. From these outlines specific measurement values, e.g. maximum expansion, can be derived. Similar to MovXact a wide range of options selecting the coordinate system for spatial calibration is featured. Comprehensive settings support you in quickly creating concise reports.
Camera Calibration and Distortion Measurements = Quality Assurance in Image Analysis
acc. to ISO 8721 / SAE J211/2:

ISO-SAE Test Panel  
Using the premeasured test panels (of AICON GmbH) you semi-automatically perform a calibration within a few steps. Calculate the Distortion Index acc. to ISO/SAE. 
The results are shown as diagrams and are stored in a folder file. Only select a data set in a clearly arranged tree view and apply the corresponding distortion parameters during an analysis via drag&drop.
Technical Framework
Program system for PC platforms under Windows 7, 8, 10
User interface compliant to MS-Windows
Languages: German and English
Demo version available!
a Sheets of Program Modules
Download -> please click here
Mov3D: 3D-Analysis of Dummy Impact Test
Presentation video FalCon eXtra
Replay -> please click here (mp4, 229 MB, 4:37)

Presentation video Falcon eXtra 
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