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Engineering Dr. Gerhard offers R&D services for your tasks in analyzing high-speed videos:

Feasibility Studies and Expert's Reports
Studies held during the preparation of tests serve to assess the experimental setup. Using single pictures frequently enables us to examine the suitability for the recordings of dynamic movements to follow. In consideration of technical basic conditions desired and attainable measuring accuracies are compared. Therefor we provide expert's reports covering your optical measuring techniques.

Consulting during Test Preparation and Execution
We support you in the process of planning image recording systems: cameras, lenses, lighting, viewing positions. On the basis of your demands we recommend a suitable signaling of measuring points with markers. On request we also execute a calibration of cameras on the spot (= measurement of the lens distortions) and assist you during test execution and data archiving.

Impact Test with HyGe Sled

Quality Assurance
We supervise your compilation of a quality assurance system and advise you
during practical implementation and execution of measuring instructions. The applicable ISO/SAE standards as well as the state-of-the-art of the video metrology define the fundamentals.

Analysis of Impact Tests
Entrust us with your image sequences. We evaluate your data with professional know-how.

Customer Support
In case of malfunctions during operation of the analysis software and whenever you make suggestions for performance improvements: we will always be there for you. We offer trouble-shooting and will be pleased to discuss your demands regarding user handling and applications. Contact us for a software service contract comprising hotline services and current updates.

User Training
We adapt our training according to your requirements: from basic courses getting to know the video metrology up to trainings for advanced users. We emphasize the practicing of operation by using your specific pictures.

Come to see us in our Munich office or make an appointment with Dr. Gerhard who will gladly visit you on your premises.
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