Engineering R&D Dr.-Ing. Alexander Gerhard Crash markers: DOT + MXT + QUAD + MXT + DOT
Engineering R&D Dr. Gerhard specializes in your tasks in the field of automotive crash tests:

High-speed video software
Motion analysis of impact tests

We offer R&D services, consulting and training as well as - in cooperation with our partner FalCon GmbH - a comprehensive software package for high-speed video metrology
FalCon etra.

Due to our 30-year-old experience in image processing and the close contact with our customers you find with us a competent service and friendly support.

· Applications

In the automobile industry safety tests such as crash tests and tests on hyge sleds are accomplished for the examination of the passenger protection and the vehicle structure deformation.

By means of these impact tests manufacturers ensure that the vehicles as produced fulfill a high standard regarding accident safety. High-speed videos which are recorded during these tests are an important basis for the quantitative motion analysis of dummies and vehicle components.

The aerospace industry proves passenger safety with appropriate methods.

In mechanical engineering and toolbuilding high-speed video technology not only allows visual assessment but also contactless measurement of fast processes or periodic movements.

Filmstripe: Outdoor Car Crash


1981 Diploma degree in electrical engineering and information technology
from the Technical University of Munich TUM, Germany
1982 - 1988 Scientific assistant at the Institute for Communications Engineering TUM
in the Picture Processing and Pattern Recognition research department,
Prof.Dr.-Ing.Dr.-Ing.E.h. H. Marko and Dipl.-Ing. H. Platzer
1988 Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) after examination at the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology TUM. Title of doctoral thesis: "Motion Analysis for Image Sequence Coding"
1989 - 1996 Software development engineer and project manager for image processing systems
since 1997 Independent entrepreneur of Engineering R&D Dr. Gerhard and cooperation with FalCon GmbH
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