Engineering R&D Dr.-Ing. Alexander Gerhard Crash markers: DOT + MXT + QUAD + MXT + DOT
Our Partners
FalCon: Software & Services for High-Speed Imaging and Crash Test Measuring + Analysis FalCon, Falkner Consulting fuer Messtechnologie GmbH
Graefelfing-Lochham (near Munich), D
Tel.  +49-89-85 10 88
Fax: +49-89-85 10 27, e-mail:
AICON: Mobile 3D Metrology AICON 3D Systems GmbH – Part of Hexagon
3D Metrology and Camera Calibration
Braunschweig, D, e-mail:
FhG IOSB: Development of the MarkerXtrackT Algorithm for 5-Dot Markers = MXT Fraunhofer-Institut fuer
Optronik, Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung IOSB
Karlsruhe, D 
Printing Shop Maier: DOT and MXT Markers with Various Sizes Printing shop Franz Maier
Markers for impact tests
Isen, D
Tel.  +49-8083-644
Fax: +49-8083-908544
High-Speed Cameras
AOS: High-Speed Cameras AOS Technologies AG
Baden Daettwil, CH
IDT: High-Speed Cameras IDT Inc.
Tallahassee, FL USA, e-mail:
NAC: High-Speed Cameras NAC Image Technology
Simi Valley, CA USA, e-mail:
PCO: High-Speed Kameras PCO AG
Kelheim, D, e-mail:
Photron: High-Speed Cameras Photron, e-mail:
Vision Research: High-Speed Cameras Vision Research Inc. - AMETEK Materials Analysis Division

Which camera types are supported by the program
FalCon ImagerControl ?

Data sheet -> please click here (pdf)
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